Wimbledon Tennis Tactics To Use All Year Round

Wimbledon is once again upon us and all the players serious about doing well on the grass will have put in some work over the last week or so to make the transition from the clay. The thing about grass court tennis is that while the grass courts of the modern era are not the [...]

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Thinking Tennis Is For Losers

One of the quickest ways to ruin your rhythm and timing during a match is to think about your technique. Seems strange doesn’t it that the one thing most players are trying to get right can be ruined by paying attention to it…..but it’s true. Any thinking that needs to be done has to be [...]

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Tennis Technique Tennis Strategy Continuum

There is so much emphasis placed (by the tennis playing and coaching community) on technique that I almost feel players have lost sight of the one thing that I believe makes this such a great sport. The tactical and strategic battle on (and sometimes off) the court. That is what makes this the great sport [...]

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The Tennis Forehand & Backhand: Groundstroke Tips – Nadal & Verdasco

Watch This Short Video To Improve Your Tennis Forehand & Backhand     Enter Your Name & Email Below To Get Killer Forehand Tips:   First name   E-mail address       Tennis forehands & backhands: when it comes to playing great tennis having a dependable and effective forehand & backhand are crucial. The [...]

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Is This The Best Tennis Drill?

One of my favorite tennis drills is “The Tug Of War” it has endless possibilities which is why it is great…..here is a simple serving use just to give you the idea. Grab 2 balls and serve one after another. If you get both in +1 If you miss both -1 If you get one [...]

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