Tennis Doubles – Where To Play Your Volleys

Too many people make too many mistakes when they volley at the net in doubles…..follow these 2 simple rules and be position perfect every time. I have never had anyone who has learnt these 2 rules be anything less than blown away and super happy about the transformation in their doubles game. Try them & [...]

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Wimbledon Tennis Tactics To Use All Year Round

Wimbledon is once again upon us and all the players serious about doing well on the grass will have put in some work over the last week or so to make the transition from the clay. The thing about grass court tennis is that while the grass courts of the modern era are not the [...]

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Tennis Doubles – Be Yourself To Play Your Best Doubles Game

Tennis Doubles – Free Videos I get asked a lot about how to volley better in doubles….should I only use one hand or is 2 hands on the racket ok? Well, bottom line is this……there are No Rules! As long as what you are doing has all the correct FUNDAMENTALS like racket path & racket angle etc in [...]

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Great Tennis Doubles Using Tennis Singles

Tennis Doubles has changed!! The modern game of tennis has really moved on in recent years, especially at the Pro level but what has really slipped in under the radar is the evolution of the doubles game at the Pro level which has also evolved into a very different animal to its ancestors of yesterday. [...]

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Tennis Doubles Tactics – How To Beat Players That Just Lob

One of the biggest problems in club and recreational doubles is having to counter the lobber and their continual lobs. You are doing your best to improve your doubles game by getting to the net to volley and poach more and all they do is lob, lob, lob. Players get frustrated because they feel like [...]

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