The Missing Piece Of The Tennis Jigsaw

In my last post I explained how too many players are trying to do the wrong things when it comes to trying to improve their games. I said that too many players place too much importance on HOW they hit the ball (often trying to hit the ball too hard) & not enough on WHERE [...]

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Tennis Footwork – Racket And Ball Drill Video

FREE Tennis Footwork Videos – just in case you thought improving your tennis footwork meant not using your tennis racket & not hitting tennis balls…..think again!! This is step 3 in the tennis footwork skill acquisition cycle. This is a great drill to get yourself used to a tennis footwork pattern & also works on [...]

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Tennis Footwork Quiz – Where Does Your Game Fit In?

Tennis Footwork Quiz – See How You Do & leave your answers in the comment section below. Click HERE to see the 7 Golden Keys to effective Tennis Footwork & Movement video Q1. During the course of your matches do you…. 1. hope the ball comes to you? 2. react on instinct….sometimes it works out [...]

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Tennis Footwork – The Importance Of Opposing Forces

This video taken from the WTA tour finals 2012 held in Istanbul shows how Petra Kvitova uses opposing forces in her footwork to help her return serve and then recover back towards the middle of the court for the next ball. Understanding opposing forces is crucial if you want to maximize your footwork and therefore [...]

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Tennis Footwork & Movement Circuit Training For Tennis Fitness

I just shot a video for the new Tennis Tribe magazine that has just come out. It’s a footwork & movement based circuit so that you can work on & improve both your footwork/movement, agility, mobility & your fitness at the same time. This is the edited version so that you can quickly see what’s [...]

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