The Tennis Forehand & Backhand: Groundstroke Tips – Nadal & Verdasco

Watch This Short Video To Improve Your Tennis Forehand & Backhand     Enter Your Name & Email Below To Get Killer Forehand Tips:   First name   E-mail address       Tennis forehands & backhands: when it comes to playing great tennis having a dependable and effective forehand & backhand are crucial. The [...]

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Being The Best Tennis Player You Can Be Is…..

Being the best tennis player you can be IS NOT just about what you can do to others. Being the best tennis player you can be a IS about how much you can take out there on the court and still move forwards. Now, I don’t know where I first saw that or even if I recalled [...]

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Tennis Technique – Why When Is Where It’s At Part 1

Us tennis players have a funny relationship with technique. We can talk about it for hours…..the forehand of this one, the backhand of that one and how great the serve of so and so is. It ebbs, flows and changes direction like an undulating river in high winds. One minute “you just have to” hit [...]

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Djokovic vs Nadal US Open Final 2011 – Amazing But Predictable

Novak Djokovic & Rafa Nadal played an amazing match in the final of the 2011 US Open, maybe at a level that has never been seen before on a tennis court but………….let’s get things straight!! The outcome was predictable. What??? I can hear people saying that Nadal had peaked at just the right time coming [...]

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Tennis Mental Game – Beating Matchplay Nerves Part 1

I was sitting courtside the other day when a couple of guys came up to me and said “are you the online tennis coach guy?” I laughed and said “I think I know what you mean, so yes.” “We were just wondering” they said, how do we get to play better in matches, we all [...]

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