Thinking Tennis Is For Losers

One of the quickest ways to ruin your rhythm and timing during a match is to think about your technique. Seems strange doesn’t it that the one thing most players are trying to get right can be ruined by paying attention to it…..but it’s true. Any thinking that needs to be done has to be [...]

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Tennis Mental Game Self Confidence And You

I played in a “friendly” singles match during the week…..I say friendly, there was a wager on it as normal but I’ll explain all that later on. Anyway, I won the spin, served the first game and won the first point (15-love)…..and then went on to win the game without losing a point.  Nothing unusual [...]

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Why You Should Try Harder In Tennis Matches

Following on from the story I mentioned a few days ago (click HERE if you haven’t seen it yet) involving the boy who was doubting his ability to make a “player” I have some more news you should find both interesting and useful. One of the things that has become evident from his more recent [...]

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This Tennis Mental Change Will Change Your Game Forever

I was walking between courts the day before yesterday when I was greeted by the words of a coach talking to a young aspiring Pro player. “Paul, talk to him please!!” I enquired what the problem was and was told that the player no longer believed he had what it takes to “make it”. The [...]

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How And Why You Need To Become A More Creative Tennis Player

Creativity is the “end game” and is key to tennis success. Most players I have ever worked with or spoken to want to be and want to be thought of as being creative, the problem is that most players don’’t actually know what creativity IS or WHY strivimg for creativity will always be a good [...]

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