The Missing Piece Of The Tennis Jigsaw

In my last post I explained how too many players are trying to do the wrong things when it comes to trying to improve their games. I said that too many players place too much importance on HOW they hit the ball (often trying to hit the ball too hard) & not enough on WHERE [...]

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Thinking Tennis Is For Losers

One of the quickest ways to ruin your rhythm and timing during a match is to think about your technique. Seems strange doesn’t it that the one thing most players are trying to get right can be ruined by paying attention to it…..but it’s true. Any thinking that needs to be done has to be [...]

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Tennis Strategy & Tactics – Thermometer Or Thermostat?

You want better tennis strategy & tactics? Check out the video below for one of, if not the number 1 factor behind winning more tennis matches. Click HERE To get much more tennis info like this

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Be The Tennis Player You ARE Before You Try To Become The Tennis Player You Are NOT

Good or bad, we are not all created equal with similar amounts of tennis skills and even if we are someone else is physically more gifted. ¬†Even if you can overcome that, you find someone else has better tennis mental strength………….and so the list goes on! But, wait a minute. Even before you start worrying [...]

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Why You Need The Drop Shot ASAP

Strategy 101 – Beat All The Tennis Players You Want If you would prefer it on Kindle…….click HERE I want you to consider for a minute two laws of playing winning tennis – get the ball in play and always be prepared for the ball to come back. I’m going to rephrase those laws like [...]

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