The Tennis Forehand & Backhand: Groundstroke Tips – Nadal & Verdasco

Watch This Short Video To Improve Your Tennis Forehand & Backhand     Enter Your Name & Email Below To Get Killer Forehand Tips:   First name   E-mail address       Tennis forehands & backhands: when it comes to playing great tennis having a dependable and effective forehand & backhand are crucial. The [...]

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Djokovic – His Secret Weapon?

Your ability to see what’s going on all over the court is key to your success. People are always telling you to “watch the ball” but your ability to see both the ball AND your opponent become more important the better you become & want to become as a tennis player. Think about it… must [...]

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Footwork For Tennis – 3 Reasons To Make It A Priority Today

Tennis Footwork is probably the number 1 most misunderstood skill behind successful tennis. Most players realise that footwork is vital for their success but the majority of them don’t really understand how to go about improving it. The sad thing is that unlike most of the other components that make up great tennis, footwork is [...]

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Tennis Technique – Why When Is Where It’s At Part 1

Us tennis players have a funny relationship with technique. We can talk about it for hours…..the forehand of this one, the backhand of that one and how great the serve of so and so is. It ebbs, flows and changes direction like an undulating river in high winds. One minute “you just have to” hit [...]

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Your Best Tennis – Which Way To Go?

Very simple this one, so tell me what you think. Which is the best approach when it comes to getting to your best tennis??  1. A journey of looking for THE answer………………..or 2. A journey of constant exploration and discovery?? Answers below please!!

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