Your Tennis Breakthrough

Breaking through to your best ever tennis is as simple as tracing a few simple steps that others who have been successful before you have marked out. As someone who has studied performance success over a number of years, I have seen that in among the heap of individual traits that exist (Federer is different [...]

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Tennis – Your Best Is Just A Question Away

I was playing some Xmas games with my 7 year old son the other day when 2 things dawned on me. 1. he never stops talking. 2. he asks so many questions. I decided to count the number of questions in half an hour…………37!!! Now, some of them were repeated questions if I didn’t reply [...]

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Footwork For Tennis – 3 Reasons To Make It A Priority Today

Tennis Footwork is probably the number 1 most misunderstood skill behind successful tennis. Most players realise that footwork is vital for their success but the majority of them don’t really understand how to go about improving it. The sad thing is that unlike most of the other components that make up great tennis, footwork is [...]

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The Tennis Footwork Formula – Lateral Movement Drill

Tennis Footwork Problems? One of the biggest questions I get asked by tennis players about footwork is…….”what drills do I need to do to improve?” Well, that depends on the individual really but while there are hundreds of drills you can do you don’t have to make the setup and execution complicated to get results. [...]

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Tennis Footwork Formula – Dot Drills

When it comes to improving your tennis footwork you need to put in a little practice time. But not all drills involve running around the court….in fact some of the most effective footwork drills you can do involve combinations of hopping, jumping and fast feet actions. “Dot” drills (as they are called) are great for [...]

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