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Federer – I Am So Pleased Everyone Was Wrong

Over the past few years many people were shouting (some crying) from the rooftops about the demise of Roger Federer.

federer backhand Federer   I Am So Pleased Everyone Was Wrong

Federer - everyone was wrong

Many well known & well informed tennis “experts” said that Federer had had his day and not only had Nadal inflicted a huge body blow, but Djokovic & Murray (both with wins over him) had finally ended the Swiss masters chances of contesting the very top prizes.

One of those people was…….ME!!!!

But we were right…………Back Then!!!

Federer had fallen from grace……..he wasn’t at the level he once was, even though the level of Nadal & the rise of Djoko & sustained level of Murray certainly didn’t help.

Before you say anything, let’s just add in some context.

The guy had been amazing for many years, setting some astonishing records along the way (you know what they are), which made him THE guy they were ALL gunning for.

He also became a dad for the first time (all of you who are dads & especially mums know how that changes things BIG TIME straight away).

So, many things at play here……years at the very top & new dad, getting older etc etc etc.


In the last year he has settled in to his new roles as Father and World No3 & quietly rebalanced the ship.

In the record breaking year that was 2011 for Djokovic it was Federer that was the big danger for the Serb (beat him at the French & should have beaten him at the US Open).

Murray & especially Nadal were clueless about how to beat him.

At the end of year O2 Masters (I was there & saw it) Fed was brilliant!!

At the Australian open 2012 he has carried on the form of the last few months and has been nothing short of breathtaking.  The level of play in the last 2 matches against Tomic (who he made look like a little boy) & Del Porto (who I thought would be dangerous) was scary!!

He is playing as well if not better than ever before…….But what’s changed??

Look, this could be a complex subject that only he knows the real answer to but a few things are in play here.

Mentally, he is obviously still “up” for it and obviously believes that regardless of ranking he has a great shot at winning any tournament he enters (very important).

Physically, he is serving great, his forehand is looking like the weapon it once was again & that once “vulnerable” backhand has been played in by everyone to also be a bit of a weapon.

But, most people are still missing the point!!

Yes, all the above is true but most people mention the following but don’t TRULYconnect it to the success of the mental & physical aspects I just spoke about.


Federers footwork is unbelievable…….he just moves so well!!!

That’s the thing that connects the dots between the forehand & the backhand.  The serves & the volleys………..Footwork is the thing that really moves the dial!!

Footwork & movement are the resons that Federer is right up there with Djokovic (another great mover) as the best 2 players in the World (Murray is nearly there too).

Great effortless looking footwork is the reason Fed can still play at this super high level at an age when most have long since slipped down the rankings & hung up their rackets.  Without it you don’t have any of the other stuff because you just can’t get in position and you can’t get around the court.

Apart from Marvelling at Federer’s footwork, the rest of his game & getting ready for 2 great semi finals at the Australian you can check out the Tennis Footwork Formula.

footwork openpiv Federer   I Am So Pleased Everyone Was Wrong

Use the formula to improve your footwork & your game!

The Tennis Footwork Formula is the course I have that uncovers & breaks down this vital component of great tennis into easy to understand steps & chunks.

I have just uploaded the teaching videos for “The Corkscrew” & “The Front Bound” patterns 4 & 5 of the 8 “Must Know Moves” for all tennis players & 2 of the moves both Federer & Djokovic totally OWN out there!!

But don’t think that only guys of that level can do them………no, everyone can do them………..it’s just that most teaching pros don’t teach them……..so if you feel that you are not great at this stuff…….It’s NOT Your Fault!!


Here is what some tennis players had to say…….

Michelle said….”This is exactly what I need but has never been provided in ANY tennis clinics I have attended. Why is that??  I am told that my footwork is to blame for many of my mistakes but NO ONE has shown me the way this video has……….I wish I could take a clinic with you”

Jack said…..”I really like the course, what is great is the part it’s not the 100 meters….to learn to play with the little movements, my anticipation has drastically improved. I didn’t know how much I was standing around just watching.  I’m only a little way into the course can’t wait for more things to practice.

Dave said…….”Hey Paul, thanks for the drills – I’ve focused on your footwork tips the last two times I’ve played and they seem to make a big difference.  It is funny that I spend all of my mental energy on what I’m doing with my grip, when in fact, the positioning of my feet seems to be 80% of the battle.”

Bruno said……”Great stuff. How true you are about footwork being so important, paramount in tennis. Very few coaches or tennis pros spend time to really teach that.”

Halina said “Its getting better and better, cant wait for more.”

Thanks girls & guys!!

Anyway, The Tennis Footwork Formula is set for a price hike in the next few weeks as I release it to the wider tennis community, so if you think that a collection of videos that show you how to move better on the tennis court may just be the thing you need to transform the rest of your game then check out the video HERE

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